About the Tasks

You will get the most of out this class if you:

  1. engage with the readings and materials,
  2. use R to complete any data wrangling or analysis,
  3. ask for help immediately after giving it (whatever it is) a good faith effort, and
  4. keep an open and honest line of communication with me and your peers if possible.

Below is a list of items considered to be class related tasks.

R Training

Details on training modules can be found on the Data Camp page.

R Tasks

On most weeks, you will be asked to submit an R related task. These must be turned in on the course Slack channel.


Starting after the fourth week, we will need to meet on a biweekly basis to discuss project parameters and to give you an opportunity to ask questions, though this will vary depending on need. The sessions are scheduled for 15 minutes but can typically be adjusted if needed.

Final Project

The final will consist of a project proposal and paper due several weeks apart. More information can be found by click on the appropriate deliverable.

Need Help?

I always prefer a face to face meeting if possible but since that’s not possible, you can schedule a Zoom via the Calendar or contact me within Slack by tagging my name @Dr. Abhik Roy in a text box along with your message.