Table of Contents

Readings Go Weekly readings.
Data Camp Go R/RStudio Training modules.
Materials Go Interactive R lessons, examples, and other specific content
Tasks Go Weekly tasks and deliverables.
To Do List Go Weekly submission information.

Note: Homeworks are due by the beginning of class time each Sunday at 11:59 PM unless otherwise noted.1

Weekly Overview

Content Readings Data Camp Materials Tasks Due
August 18, 2021 The Basics
August 26, 2021 The Social Network
September 2, 2021 Evaluation Networks
September 9, 2021 A Methods Based Social Network
September 19, 2021 The In-Crowd
September 26, 2021 Interactive Chords
October 6, 2021 Finding Feelings
October 31, 2021 Centralities and Egos

  1. If we go online for whatever reason, then submissions will be due at the same time within the eCampus portal↩︎